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Tamo Campos

Tamo Campos got into snowboarding when he was about 11 years old. Since then snowboarding has completely become a lifestyle for him. It has not only taken him to premier mountains such as Mammoth, Whistler and Revelstoke but the search for fresh turns on remote places has brought him to the Yukon, Northern BC, California and The Andes in Chile and Argentina.

From riding in World Cups, to living in a camper van for six months to filming down in South America with PYP ( snowboarding’s biggest impression on his life is the the constant seeking of new adventures and sharing them with others. One of his favorite things is to take someone into the mountains and share the joy. This itch for adventure allowed him to take in new experiences when backpacking in Central and South America. Tamo saw how much of an influence he could have on places that have such adverse living conditions and poverty compared to the mountain towns he has lived in. The enjoyment of making a difference was the same adrenaline enjoyment of riding and all he could think about was how to get friends involved in this. Currently he is in school at Capilano University in the Global Stewardship program. The plans for the winter are to continue developing BWB while working on the upcoming PYP film. Tamo has just bought a diesel truck which he plans to convert to using vegetable oil to have zero emissions on road trips. It’s amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm that BWB project has attracted and he is looking forward to working with some great people this winter.

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