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  • BC climate impacts and the economy: the latest science

    Keane Gruending

    The latest IPCC report tells a story about the future of BC's climate and economy...

  • Let's talk carbon tax... again

    Christopher Gully

    Though we’ve been talking about tobacco taxation for decades, it was only in 2008 that “carbon tax” became a commonly heard phrase in Canada.

  • The consumption bubble is set to burst

    Amy Huva

    I can’t live in the city and deny the connection to the biophysical systems of the planet, because it takes land to produce the food I eat and the lattes I drink each day.

  • Why the carbon tax is good for your wallet

    Claire Havens

    For well over a decade Dr. Olewiler has been a major proponent of pricing carbon and using extra revenue for projects that conserve natural capital.

  • Planning the model city

    Christopher Gully

    Projects that may very well benefit us all are shelved because they represent risk, and risk-aversion goes against short-term growth and unbounded economic prosperity, that swan song of the 20th century.

  • Captain Planet: inspiration for unusual alliances

    Amy Huva

    Saving the planet all on your own is an impossible task. As a child, I loved the TV series Captain Planet where five different youths were given rings with different powers; Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Heart.

  • Dematerialization: the key to a compassionate economy?

    Elodie Jacquet

    Living on a planet with finite resources, will we have to resort to living the lives of the animated characters in Pixar’s Wall-E while our planet crumbles under the weight of all the stuff we create and throw out for the next go-to gadget?

  • The Dream of Unlimited Growth

    Christopher Gully

    In a 2011 post that quickly became an internet classic, UC Professor Tom Murphy described the impossibility of the continued growth of energy consumption.

  • Zero waste and inbuilt obsolescence

    Amy Huva

    A closed loop system is an excellent idea for the manufacture and re-manufacture of many things considered ‘essential’ for our twenty first century lifestyle.

  • The Enbridge northern gateway pipeline: what we don’t know

    Christopher Gully

    Debate over the approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is continuing to polarize Canadians.

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