Green History of Vancouver

One of the defining characteristics of Carbon Talks is that we emerged out of the Vancouver movement to create a green city. But while we might make this assertion, what does it really mean? Is there a “Vancouver” approach to greening that is unique?  Is it the city’s urban planning, civil movements, or conservational attitudes that shape the city to be smart green thinkers? Is our approach as progressive thinkers responsible for pushing Vancouver to be arguably one of the greenest cities in the world? These are the questions which compelled us to research the history of the green movement in Vancouver and create this timeline.

Now we would like you to get involved. If you know of an event, a program, a person or a by-law that helped to shape Vancouver’s approach to greening our city, please let us know (we ask that you provide references whenever possible). We hope that this timeline will be a legacy for all of us and a road map for other communities interested in learning from Vancouver’s approach.

A special thanks to all of the staff and students who have contributed to this project