Video: Towards a Circular City

Video: Towards a Circular City

June 08, 2017

The concept of the “circular city” has the potential to solve a number of urban challenges

A circular economy aims to replace a traditional linear “take-make-waste” economy with one that is “restorative and regenerative by design”. While this approach has been primarily championed by businesses, cities are also in a position to capitalize on the benefits of a circular economy. But, what does a municipal approach to a circular economy look like? What are the opportunities and barriers, and which examples should cities follow? 

Join us for a free public dialogue with a guest from the city of Amsterdam, which is a recognized leader in urban circularity and is taking steps to become a “circular city”.  Dr. Jacqueline Cramer is a circular economy ambassador of the Amsterdam Economic Board, strategic advisor at the Utrecht Sustainability Institute, and Professor of Sustainable Innovation at Utrecht University, and will be our guest for this Carbon Talk. 


Dr. Jacqueline Cramer, Circular Economy Ambassador, Amsterdam Economic Board; Professor of Sustainable Innovation, Utrecht University; Strategic Advisor at the Utretcht Sustainability Institute 

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