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The Carbon Tax Return: Lessons Learned From British Columbia’s First Five Years of Taxing Emissions

The Carbon Tax Return: Lessons Learned From British Columbia’s First Five Years of Taxing Emissions

March 31, 2014

The carbon tax has been with BC for five years now. How has it worked? How do BC citizens feel about it? Has it stimulated clean energy?

Our friends at Climate Access would like to invite you participate in this event.

Five years ago, British Columbia joined a small group of states and nations (still fewer than 20 overall) that have passed a carbon tax—setting a price on carbon in an effort to reduce emissions. Today, the tax brings in $1 billion a year in revenue that is returned to British Columbia taxpayersand has realized more than 5 percent in greenhouse gas emissions reductions while GDP in BC increased above the Canadian average. 

At a time when carbon tax policies appear increasingly enticing (especially in light of the failure of cap-and-trade in the US), what can British Columbia’s experience teach us about the prospects for solutions to climate change? How is the tax working? How do British Columbians feel about it? And has it prompted a desired growth in the clean energy industry?

To delve into these questions, Climate DeskClimate Access, and Bloomberg BNA are partnering to present “The Carbon Tax Return: Lessons Learned From British Columbia’s First Five Years of Taxing Emissions.” This distinguished panel, preceded by a cocktail reception, will take place on Thursday, March 27 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Salon C, with doors opening at 5:30p.m. PDT. Please register here.

Featured speakers include: Spencer Chandra Herbert, BC MLA and official opposition environment critic; Merran Smith from Clean Energy Canada; Ross Beaty the chairman of Alterra Power Corp.; and Jeremy Hainsworth, Bloomberg BNA journalist. Best-selling science writer and Climate Desk Live host Chris Mooney will lead these policymakers and thought leaders in discussing the innovations, pitfalls, and promise of the first five years of carbon tax in British Columbia.


Spencer Chandra Herbert, Environment Critic and Member of the BC Legislative Assembly

Merran Smith, Director, Clean Energy Canada

Ross Beaty, Chairman Alterra Power Corp.

Jeremy Hainsworth, contributor to Bloomberg BNA (BBNA) and the Associated Press

Moderated by Chris Mooney

Please register for this free event here.