Christopher Gully

Christopher Gully is a Consultant at Carbon Talks. Christopher is a writer, researcher, and editor with experience in government, international governmental organizations, and civil society. He holds a BA in Classical Civilizations from Concordia University, and an MA in International Relations from Yonsei University in Seoul. His most recent position was with the International Labour Organization in Jakarta where he conducted research, drafted funding proposals, and assisted in awareness raising campaigns.

His work on climate change and the low-carbon economy has included case study research on the green building sector in terms of skills and occupations, best practices in education and training, and certification, financing, and subsidy schemes. He is a listed contributor to the 2011 International Labour Organization report "Skills and Occupational Needs in the Green Building Sector". Christopher was also an invited participant at the 2010 Tufts University GLOBE Seminar in France, on the politics, economics, and science of the global climate change regime.

Christopher has published analytical articles in the Human Rights Monitor Quarterly, email newsletters and social media materials for Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada, and opinions and editorials for NOVAsia, an international studies news magazine. He maintains his own personal website, where he self-publishes essays on issues relating to international law, social justice, and sustainable development. Christopher is also an accomplished public speaker, having won multiple awards for academic debate at the regional and national levels, and for professional presentations at training workshops.

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