Kathryn Sheps

Kathryn has been at the SFU Centre for Dialogue since 2013 and is a founding member of the Renewable Cities team. She brings over 15 years of experience in designing climate and energy solutions.

In her current role, she convenes dialogues, operationalizes the program’s fundraising and budgeting, oversees volunteer and work-study student programs, and works with partners to help shape the direction of the program. Specifically, Kathryn led the development of the finance stream of Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum.

Shifting easily between academic, not-for-profit, and corporate communities, Kathryn provides invaluable expertise in technology development, policy analysis, and corporate management.

Kathryn has an M.Sc. in Marine Science from the University of South Florida, and BSc (Hons) from Queen’s University. When not convening dialogues, Kathryn tracks Canadian and US politics, gardens, and spends as much time on, in, or near the ocean as possible.

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