Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Toronto Atmospheric Fund was established in 1991 to help the City of Toronto meet is clean air and greenhouse gas emissions reduction objectives. TAF has invested more than $50 million in local climate solutions and has helped the City itself save more than $55 million on its energy bills.

TAF's work is focused in three program areas:

Incubating Climate Solutions: TAF excels in identifying new or better approaches and technologies, such as solar water heating, advanced lighting, electric vehicles in fleets and energy saving in residential high rises and working with partners to test them in a real-world setting to assess performance, barriers, and readiness for market.

Mobilizing Financial Capital: TAF's investment activity is driven by a double bottom line: delivering emission reductions while generating a healthy revenue stream to fund TAF's work. TAF leverages its own funds to help attract larger private and public investments in the emissions reduction activities. It does this by demonstrating new financial approaches that build investor confidence.

Mobilizing Social Capital: One of TAF's strengths is the relationships it has built in the community by engaging groups and partners in innovative ways. Similar to the financial mobilization strategy, TAF is leveraging its relationships within and outside of the City corporation to significantly increase the support available to local climate initiatives.