The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)

Building on the strengths of BC’s four research-intensive universities, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) will harness the intellectual resources of BC to develop innovative climate change solutions, seek new opportunities for positive adaptation, and lead the way to a vibrant low-carbon economy.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions: a new model for collaboration

BC is home to a large and exceptional community of scientists, engineers, economists, environmental and socio-behavioural impact assessment specialists, policy analysts and governance experts. Many are based at BC’s four research-intensive universities and are internationally recognized leaders in their fields.  The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, hosted and led by the University of Victoria, pulls this intellectual capital together into a dynamic knowledge network that integrates scientific, technological, economic, legal, political, social, cultural and educational approaches to climate change. In collaboration with SFU, UBC and UNBC, the institute will marshal and coordinate the best of climate research taking place in BC and beyond.

 Its unprecedented collaborative structure and international prominence will be a magnet for new investment in cutting-edge climate change solutions. The institute will spur engagement and dialogue within all levels of society. With strong linkages to senior decision-makers in government and industry, it will frame the vital questions and provide effective answers to technological, economic and public policy challenges. It will seek innovative ways to moderate and adapt to climate change. And through education and outreach, it will promote the exchange of information and ideas on how we can deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

 Seizing economic opportunities

Climate change presents many challenges—and many opportunities. Being the first to develop innovative climate change policies will bring enormous economic advantage. BC already leads Canada in its  commitment to tackle climate change. The institute will cement that competitive advantage. It will advise government and industry on how to enhance BC’s investment climate for green industries; identify new technologies, economic opportunities and challenges; and promote commercialization of the best and brightest ideas.

Training the next generation

The institute will provide educational leadership on climate solutions. It will train researchers, policy-makers and entrepreneurs for the coming decades. It will offer global internships, promote the development of academic programs on climate change, and work with the province and other educational institutions to create training programs on the use of new technological solutions.

Engaging all sectors

The institute will be the provincial resource for the exchange of information on climate change. It will offer education, training and outreach to business leaders, government staff and NGOs. And it will engage communities through public forums and lectures, newsletters and online information.

The four main functions of the institute are to:

  1. understand the magnitude and patterns of climate change
  2. evaluate the physical, economic and social implications
  3. assess options and develop solutions
  4. communicate climate change issues to government, industry and the general public.


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