Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation

Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation

The CCEMC is an independent organization that supports and builds on the strategic direction established in Alberta’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy. It also recognizes the direction set by Alberta’s Carbon Capture and Storage Development Council and seeks to complement decisions made on large carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

Alberta’s target is to reduce emissions by 200M, or 50% below business as usual, by 2050. In doing so, growth in green jobs and an economic transition to green energy production will occur, enhancing Alberta’s competitiveness.

Priority areas for funding by the CCEMC are aligned with Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy and include:

  • Conserving and Using Energy Efficiently (emissions target of 24MT by 2050)
  • Implementing CCS (emissions target of 139MT by 2050)
  • Greening Energy Production (emissions target of 37 MT by 2050)