Jeff Reading

Jeff Reading

Jeff Reading is the Director, Business Development at C3 (, an Alberta-based, not-for-profit organization working to transform the way energy is used. Our vision is a world powered by efficiency and clean energy and we work to strategically remove barriers hindering that transformation. Jeff is a proven leader in environmental education and sustainability with more than 30 years’ experience providing innovative, action based solutions that enhance economic prosperity, improve environmental quality and protect the social structures that contribute to our high quality of life.

Prior to joining C3, Jeff was the Leader for The City of Calgary's Ecological Footprint Project.  The ecoFootprint Project calculated Calgary's ecological footprint, in partnership with national and international organizations and implemented projects that enabled and engaged the City of Calgary and local stakeholders to complete actions that supported environmental sustainability and reduced our ecological footprint.

Jeff also spent more than 20 years with the Calgary Board of Education. During this time he coordinated the ecoStewardship Program, provided system leadership toward energy efficient facility development and retrofits, environmental and outdoor education, physical education and off-site activities.  Jeff also provided leadership to provincial initiatives that advanced environmental stewardship. He was also seconded to Alberta Environment to coordinate environmental educations programs across the province.

Jeff is a member of the Grant Review Committee with the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, serves as a Senior Research Fellow with the Canada West Foundation, sits on Natural Resources Canada’s National Advisory Council on Energy Efficiency and is the Chair of the Alberta Council for Environmental Education.