About Us

Trusted Convenor. Smart Strategist.

Carbon Talks accelerates the shift to a low-carbon economy. We look for those windows of opportunities where “carbon shifts“ are possible. These could be opportunities identified by a business, an industrial association or a government department but where all the pieces might not be in place to move to concerted action. Carbon Talks convenes the right people around the table to put the pieces together. We are the glue that moves groups from intent to action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The transition to a low carbon economy is inevitable. If Canada is to remain globally competitive, it must accelerate the shift from a carbon intensive economy to an economy that is more diversified and recognizes the costs of natural capital.

Government cannot be expected to engineer this shift alone. The climate conferences in Copenhagen and Cancun have demonstrated that governments cannot deliver the decisive action necessary to reduce global GHG emissions. We need to develop new forms of leadership within business, civil society and academia to work with government to create the enabling environment for moving forward.

Carbon Talks provides the platform to discuss, define and manage the transition to a low-carbon economy. It creates spaces for dialogue – not debate – spaces which help people to think creatively, consider alternatives, and develop practical solutions that are viable, cost-effective and sustainable.